Friday, April 07, 2006

Wedding blog

I'm thinking that we should create a wedding blog to countdown to the big day. It would also be a useful repository for all of the usual wedding info that is required for guests. They could even leave us supportive comments, helpful advice, top tips etc.
However it could be a massive time wasting exerise, and I don't have a problem wasting time at the moment.
So that's decided, I'll do it.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


I've just got back from a trip to Yorkshire where I was flown round in a helicopter - not this one, but the picture was taken from the one I was in. The guy flying this 'copter used to fly Anneka Rice in Treasure Hunt, and claimed to have dated her.
The bloke we had was Alan Partridge incarnate. He spoke in that sort of mid-Atlantic twang that local radio DJs perfect and actually used the word 'methinks' to end a sentence. Proof!
Mind you, he got us safely from point A to B and the view was spectacular as the sky was very clear. It really is the only way to travel.
For our final stop of the day we landed on the local lord's crouquet lawn - honest - as the hotel we were staying at didn't have its own helipad. Lord Feversham, for it was he, even popped out to show us through the bowels of his house to where our lift was waiting. All in all, a very interesting day.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why is this?

Being new to the blogging game, I found it quite exciting when a few weeks back I received a comment from somebody about my blog. I know, I know, but I don't get out much! Also, this is a shy blog which I do nothing to market. Nobody knows about it, so shhh!
The comment was from, let me check, Matt a park ranger in Virginia - hi Matt (heimat?). It's very good. You should read it. He had a particularly good post about tracking down litter louts and another about underage kids drinking in the park. They thought they had fooled him, but he KNEW they were on the booze.
Anyway, I was quite excited I had been tracked down, but then I got another comment today from somebody who used the exact same words. Is there a kind of blogger who simply tries to create interest in his blog through sending out random expressions of interest in other people's sites? I think I should be told. Whoever came up with the wording should reconsider it as well. What on earth does 'I read over your blog and found it inquisitive' mean? Can a piece of code display inquisitiveness? Maybe he means he found it thought provoking.

Here's what's rocking my world at the moment. As John Peel would have said, it fades in gently this one...

Friday, January 27, 2006

Meanwhile in Cornwall

... it's green tea and homemade rolls for breakfast

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Not kilty

I got a call from my tailor the other day. He informed me that the latest addition to my wardrobe was ready for my collection.
Having spent years wrestling with notions of nationality I have decided to get married wearing a kilt. A few years back I would have though the idea preposterous - the whole kilt thing struck me as being a bit twee, but uber nationalistic at the same time. I am proud to be Scottish, but I'm never sure exactly why. There are also aspects of the national character (if you can generalise in such a way) that I'm not over fond of - chippiness, nostalgia, irrational hatred of the English etc.
The latter can be particularly irksome. Having lived under the English jackboot for most of my life, I like to think there's guid and bad in us aw....
I don't know if the kilt thing is any late flowering of national feeling in my breast or if I'm just showing off. Yeah, that's probably it. It's a big day, so why should the lassies be the only ones to put on as nice dress?
It will also be an invaluable addition to my wardrobe which I look forward to wearing around the borough. With the broad range of fashion tastes that I encounter daily, I'm sure it will attract many admiring glances from Hackney residents.
In fact, I think I shall dedicate one day a month as kilt day when I shall take to the streets in full highland regalia. If you see me, stop me and I shall quote you some lines from our national bard, Rabbie Burns.
The question is now, commando or not?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Much thought later

Well, I finally gave in and proposed. That's what I've been up to for the past year.
My girlfriend is now my fiance (or is it fiancee? I can never remember which one is the feminine). After a whirlwind six year courtship I popped the question on the banks of the Thames last August bank holiday, and in a bizarre twist of fate we are getting married this August bank holiday - exactly a year to the day.
Which sounds like it could be the start of a Dickensian ghost story or somesuch.
We've still got a lot to do, but he hardest part of getting a venue, date and registrar is done and dusted. Which is no easy task, believe me! It's like trying to align planets getting a day when all three are available.
It is quite exciting now and I am looking forward to it all. It's just the bills that are the worrying part. That and being completely buff for the big day. And with that in mind I'm aiming to do a half marathon before the big day. It might not sound much, but I'm a big believer in setting realistic targets.
At this point I could make some cheap gag such as, that's why I proposed to the girlfriend, but she might be reading this.
If it's more than another year before the next entry, please inform the relevant authorities.