Monday, October 11, 2004

New drawers

I can't seem to really get cracking today. No surprise there as it's Monday, but I really should do today as I'm on holiday next week and there are deadlines to hit. I had a couple of days of real work last week where I was working at another company. I don't particularly like doing this as you have to actually pull your finger out and do something. It also really messes with my body clock. I got completely confused on the tube the other day on the way to work. I was still half asleep and departed the cramped carriage at Kings Cross to catch the Piccadilly Line. However, I was already on the Piccadilly. This really pissed off my girlfriend, who had sheepishly followed me and then blamed me for the rest of the journey.

So after two days of graft I'm back to my old tricks. I had a new chest of drawers delivered on Thursday which have required attention. They were made in Vietnam I think and have been coated in some noxious substance which Steve, the delivery guy suggested might be banned in this country. Cheers Steve. I think it might be Agent Orange by the way it catches the throat. However, he did says that a wipe with soapy water seemed to calm it down a bit, so I've spent most of this morning doing that, lining them with Christmas paper and rearranging the rest of the bedroom furniture.

Okay, done that, now I really should get down to some work... after lunch.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Work avoidance strategy

I work from home. Well, I use the word work loosely. A lot of time I seem to spend filling in time that could be better utilised doing the stuff I actually get paid for. However, in the way that homework used to get done last thing on a Sunday night, there is always something more enticing offering itself up as an alternative.

Among the pastimes that usually waylay me are:
  • playing guitar - I've an acoustic to hand for immediate gratification and an electric in the spare room for a more considered workout
  • baking bread - sourdough at the moment. I have to make it at least once a week as the starter dough is a living thing. Currently living in my fridge actually
  • making cakes - closely related to the above but more fun as you get to lick the bowl
  • doing the dishes - dirty plates and cutlery seem to taunt me from the other room as I try to work
  • going to the gym - where I have my own gay stalker, Terry!
  • watching the yummy mummies walking by - am not gay myself. No offence Terry!

And now this - probably. There are moments when some time out from work is legitimate, and maybe at that point I can pen a few lines and clear my mind.

Anyhoo. Here's my virgin blog. I hope it gets better.